Hi we’re Buster & Joey and we are 2 Dogs on a Mission

2 Dogs on a Mission is about 2 rescues that are working to educate the public about mitral valve, (a fatal heart disease) and how it affects millions of dogs and cats in the US.  Raising funds to help support mitral valve surgery and helping our companions with more effective legislation. Our goal is to help as many dogs and cats regardless of age to have a second chance at living their lives to the fullest.

We Are a Tax Exempt Charity

2 Dogs on a Mission is a 501©3 federally tax exempt charity based in Clearwater, FL. Founded in 2018 by Stella Pavlides and her 2 rescues, Buster and Joey. It is our passion to help as many animals as we can and hopefully have others join us to make a positive difference. We believe that helping other rescues will help expand our mission in a positive way.

Governor Kemp designated February as mitral valve awareness month on behalf of dogs.

Mitral Valve in Dogs Awareness Month!
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