Joey's Story, Our Family

Joey’s Beginnings at 2 Dogs on a Mission

We are now moving ahead to April of 2018. Another rescue “Compassion Kind” picked up a stray and they named him “Joey.” He was surrendered to “Animal Control.” The rescue took him in, and found a foster. From the foster home, Joey came to me. Joey has been living with me since May 16th, 2018. When I first took Joey in he had a terrible infection and each time he would sneeze green mucus would come out of his nose and mouth. I took him to my vet and after prescribing antibiotics 3 different times, his infection cleared up. On June 25, 2018, I took Joey to the University of Florida and had him go for a complete physical. During his examination, Joey was bright, alert and responsive, BUT Joey’s diagnosis was (Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease). After having his first echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) they found that my Joey had Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease. They immediately prescribed a drug “Pimobendan.” This drug has been shown to prolong the length of time spent in this stage before progressing to showing clinical signs of heart failure by increasing the hearts ability to contract.

I had no idea that this was his issue when I rescued him, and I would still have taken him in even if I did, but I wish rescues would be more accurate with animals they adopt out, since Joey and I are in for a very bumpy road ahead.

The University of Florida hopes to have a program soon that will help by performing surgery.

It is expensive ($40,000-45,000) and is not without risks as it involves open-heart surgery and cardiac bypass. At the present time, they said that there is nothing they identified which would prevent Joey from being a candidate at this time, but they would need to do more screening. They recommended that I schedule a direct appointment with them in 3-6 months, which I already set up an appointment for Joey and me. We went back to UF on Monday November 5, 2018. I had another echocardiogram done on him and his heart has stayed the same. I will be taking him back again within 3-6 months for another visit. My little Joey is the sweetest little boy I have ever rescued. The surgery is costing much more money than I have or can come up with so I started a 501©(3) charity and will try my best to raise as much money as possible for Joey’s surgery. If we rise more than the actual cost of his surgery, I will donate the rest to UF cardiology and ask them to help another dog with any heart issues.

So my Joey will have the surgery and I believe he will recover 100%


Joey is now a registered “Therapy Dog.” Once he recovers from his heart surgery we will be doing our best to help others overcome any issues they are facing.

If you would like to read the formal diagnosis from University of Florida please click here.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

Joey and Stella

Joey’s Details

  • Joey: Origin English Meaning “God will Increase”
  • Adopted May 16, 2018
  • Rescue Who Saved Joey “Compassion Kind”
  • Birthday Age 13 Years

Breed According to Wisdom Health

  • 12.5 BREED GROUP (S)