Joey's Story

Joey’s Story


My name is Joey and I am a Jack Russell, Parson Russell, Wire Haired Fox Terrier mix.

I live in Clearwater, FL with my human Mommy Stella, a Chihuahua, terrier mix named Buster and also an orange tabby named Buddy.

No one knows my beginning or my exact age, since my mommy adopted me in 2018, but all the veterinarians I visited said that I was between 10-13 years old, so I guess you would classify me as a senior or a geriatric little man. I was brought to “Animal Control” but I do not know why. I guess I was getting too old for my owners to care for me, or I was just too much trouble. I thank God that I was not euthanized and that a kind rescue group “Compassion Kind” took me out of there.

I was brought to a foster home and then was officially adopted by my new Mommy Stella. When I got to my mommy’s house I was very lethargic, had no appetite, since I had an infection. Also, whenever I coughed (which was often), green mucous would come out of my nose and mouth.

My mommy took me to the vet and after giving me some pills I stopped coughing up that ugly stuff. The vet also told her that I had a heart murmur, but said it was about a 3. I thank God that mommy then took me to the University of Florida, because she always takes her new rescues there. At UF they did some kind of test they called echocardiogram. They told mommy that my heart was sick and that it was a 5/6 and not a 3. They gave her some pills, (pimobendan). that mommy has to give to me every 12 hours and I feel much better. I have been to UF 2 times and will be going back again in a couple of months for my 3rd test. I heard the heart doctor tell mommy that they are going to bring in 5 Japanese surgeons to fix my heart along with a bunch of other dogs with sick hearts. It will cost a lot of money, but my mommy said I am worth it. She started this charity (“2 Dogs on a Mission”), so my new best friend Buster and I can help other dogs and cats. I am so happy that I have a new home and a new lease on life. I love my life and I know I will get better soon, so I can help as many other animals as I can. And yes, I LOVE to eat all the great organic food my mom feeds me everyday. I feel and look great for my age!

If you would like to help me, please click here and make a donation to help with my surgery. I am sorry, but I do not understand a lot about money and other people things. My favorite things to do are eat, sleep, and go for walks and play.

Have a happy day.

Joey (one happy dog)