Buster's Story

Buster’s Story

Hey everybody,

My name is Buster and I was born on July 21, 2010, so I guess that also makes me a senior. I gotta say one thing, even though I am a tough, I bite and do not trust too many strangers I am really happy that my Mom Stella took me in after being given away 2 times. My first owner did not like my eyes… Can you believe that! Some people are really mean and superficial, but a lot of you are kind and compassionate. After I was given away a second time, I was really lucky that “Dunedin Doggy Rescue” took me in and after a few foster homes, I lucked out with Stella.

She takes Joey and me for walks everyday, because I cannot go to the dog park, since I pick fights with other dogs and will bite people. So, Stella is pretty cool by walking us daily.

I eat very well and am loved and only disciplined when I pick on the orange tabby “Buddy” who is also a rescue.

Life is great and I know I will get better and start to like people and other animals as long as I stay here with my new mom. I know she will never give me away. So in closing I can only say “home sweet home” and I LOVE IT!!

Buster one tough guy