Buddy's Story, Our Family

Buddy: I’m Buster’s & Joey’s Roomate

Hey Everybody,

Even though I am not part of “2 Dogs on a Mission,” I do live with both Buster and Joey so I thought I would let all of you know my story. I started living with my new Mom Stella in December of 2013. The vet told her that I was 4 or 5 years old and now I am probably around 10. Yes, another senior.

My name is Buddy. I first met Stella aka mom about 6 years ago. Whoever had me, did not neuter me and they decided to declaw me –“how cruel!” They put me outside to fend for myself, what were they thinking! I roamed around for a long time and then one day noticed my new home with my new owner not knowing that I would make her take me in. I visited daily and one day Stella started feeding me, because I was very thin. Shortly thereafter she did take me in. She took me to PetPal (a rescue) in St Pete, made a donation and Scott kept me. She came down a week later with cat treats and that is when Scott told her about my being declawed. Stella cried all the way home and when she arrived back to her house, made proper arrangements by putting a screen door up on her bedroom so I could look out, so her 2 dogs (Zack and Sophie) could not hurt me since they were terriers and did not like cats. It all worked out very well for me. Zacky and Sophie were old and then one day Sophie went to heaven, and shortly thereafter Zacky went to heaven too.

I am so very happy to be here, but Stella did get more dogs after that. Leo was a Jack Russell Terrier who was 16 years old when she adopted him. He lived with us for about a 1½ years and then also went to heaven. Then came Buster and finally Joey. Joey is very kind, but Buster is a tough guy and Stella makes sure he does not get too rough with me. I do not know why this mommy always takes in old dogs that nobody wants, but I guess they are lucky she does.

One day Stella saved my life.

After living with Stella for a while, one day I started crying and never stopped. Immediately she took me to “Blue Pearl Emergency” in Tampa FL. They diagnosed my condition as “Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease” (Obstruction).

They made me better and then I went home. About 2 weeks after that, it happened again, but this time they did something called surgery and I guess it will never come back. Thanks Stella, because if you did not take me in, where would I be today! Maybe in kitty heaven, so happy you saved me.

I am so happy to be alive, eating, sleeping and being safe inside my home 24 hours a day! Thanks for reading my story and please help Buster and Joey help other dogs and cats.

Buddy one lucky kitty!